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Residents of Pottstown, Pennsylvania may, at some point in their lives, face difficult economic anf financial times. This is despite the fact that they are good, hard working people. Severe financial strain is often times due to factors out of our control. Please understand that you do not have to live this way as you may be able to obtain financial relief by filing bankruptcy. There are federal bankruptcy laws as well as Pennsylvania state bankruptcy laws in place that can offer PA residents protection. Consuting with an experienced Montgomery County bankruptcy attorney makes sense.

If you are enduring severe financial strain and are considering a fresh start please call me, Pottstown Bankruptcy Lawyer James V. Monaghan for a free consultation. With many years experience handling bankruptcy cases in Montgomery County I have the skills, knowledge and resources to help you make the best decision possible. Call my Montgomery County bankruptcy law office today and start getting your financial life back on track. Dial (610) 275-5800 today.

Situations That Can Lead To Bankruptcy 

Serious financial strain can be caused by numerous life events, situations and lifestyle changes. These can be, but are not limited to:

Divorce, legal separation or dissolution of a marriage

Getting hurt on the job or suffering an injury in an accident

Mounting medical bills due to health issues

Loss of job

Lifestyle changes such as ending a relationship or losing a roommate

Large amounts of unsecured debt such as laons and credit card debt

Secured debt such as a mortgage rate that has adjusted

Loss of a spouse (especially if the deceased spouse was primary wage earner)

Only you can decide when is the best time to consider filing a bankruptcy. It is not always the most comfortable situation to go through but is sometimes for the best. An experienced bankruptcy attorney will help make getting financial relief as smooth and painless as possible as all possible options will be explained to you.

Pottstown Bankruptcy Lawyers

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Pottstown Pennsylvania Bankruptcy Lawyers

Pottstown Bankruptcy Lawyers

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Bankruptcy Types

In Pennsylvania, as in other states there are a number of bankruptcy options. Some are more complicated than others, and some are more costly than others. Each bankruptcy case is unique and should be tailored to your specific financial goals and needs. Some bankruptcy options allow you to keep certain possessions and others do not. A qualified Pottstown Bankruptcy Lawyer can help you choose the best possible option for you, your family and your financial future. Types of bankruptcies are: Chapter 7 and Chapter 13

Benefits Of Filing For Bankruptcy

The time period between getting overwhelmed by your debt and actually claiming bankruptcy can be several long, tedious and exhausting years. Once you retain a Pottstown Bankruptcy Lawyer they can act on your behalf and make the harassing phone calls stop. You will feel empowered knowing you are taking action in an effort to regain control of your finances and your life. You will also breathe a little easier knowing that there is an end in sight. Once the bankruptcy is discharged you get a fresh start and can get your life back on track.

Some commonly discharged debts in a Pennsylvania bankruptcy case are gambling debt, family owed debt, friend owed debt, car title loans, payday loans, medical bills, credit card debt and other unsecured debt. Call our Pottstown Pennsylvania bankruptcy lawyers to discuss your individual case and learn what options are available to you.

What Bankruptcy Cannot Do

Just as filing bankruptcy can offer Pottstown, Pennsylvania almost immediate financial relief there are also several situations that filing bankruptcy cannot do. Some of these are discharging child support arrears, dischsrging alimony arrears, discharging most types of tax debt (federal, county, property, etc.) and discharging student loans or student loan arrears. 

Hope is not lost however. While these types of debts cannot be discharged, liquidated or walked away from they can be rolled into a Chapter 13 payment plan. Contact our Pottstown bankruptcy lawyers for a free consultation to discuss your options for debt relief.

Contact A Pottstown Bankruptcy Lawyer

If you live in the Pottstown, Pennsylvania area and are contemplating filing bankruptcy my law office at (610) 275-5800. I offer free, no pressure consultations and will explain all of your options to you so that you can make the best decision for you, your family and your financial future.

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